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CANADA 2068b - "Summer, 1959" by Jean-Paul Lemieux

October 22, 2004


Masterpieces of Canadian Art Issue
"Summer, 1959" by Jean-Paul Lemieux
One Dollar Forty Cents Multicoloured
White Wove TRC Paper with GT4 Tagging
Perforated 13.2 x 12.9
Lithography Printing
Lowe-Martin Printing Group, Ottawa

Canada 2068b Canada SC 2068b















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BAHAMAS 550 (SG670) - Christmas Drawings "Santa Goes Sailing"
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ADEN KATHIRI Mi 149B - "Marcelle Lender doing the Bolero in 'Chilperic"
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ITALY 305 (Mi430) - March of the Fascisti "Roman Emperor"
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ANGOLA 99 (Mi99) - King Carlos "Republica"
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ANTIGUA 18 (SG25) - Queen Victoria "1884 Carmine"
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NEW SOUTH WALES 40c (SG165b) - Queen Victoria "Watermark 12" Error
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ARMENIA 628 - St. Gregor Narekatzi Record of Lamentations
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HONG KONG 122 (SG114) - King George V "1912 Printing"
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BENIN C240 (Mi646) - Christmas "Nativity" by Aert van Leyden
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JAMAICA 139 (SG144) - KGVI Silver Wedding
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AUSTRALIA 71v (SG99v) - King George V "Unlisted Die I"
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CANADA 936a - Banff National Park - "Inscriptions Omitted" Error

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UNITED STATES 1338var - Flag over White House "Imperf at Margin"




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Research began in 2004 with many components gradually being resolved over the years that followed. A comprehensive database of philatelic information, virtual links, and a massive image library continue to grow as more and more collections are offered to upgrade these resources.


Once we began making this resource available virtually, back in November 2010, what started as a small trickle quickly became a flood of individuals and study groups offering both their encouragement and resource support to help this project continue to grow.


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